Tips and Tricks

  • Solder the connections on your antenna to minimize signal loss.
  • Check out TV Fool to find out where your local stations are broadcasting from and which direction you should point your antenna.
  • A reflector can get you longer range in one direction, but may decrease your range in other directions.
  • If you don't get good reception at first, try moving the antenna to a different part of your attic. You may be getting interference from wiring, heating/a.c. or even structures outside your house.
  • If you can't easily tie into your existing cable line, you can drop a new cable by poking a hole in corner of the ceiling of a closet near your TV. Bring the cable down inside the closet and then trace the floor to get to your TV. Not the most professional install, but it is easy and very hidden.

    • NOTE: All of the antenna designs on this site are intended for INDOOR use. I prefer to mount mine in the attic. Please research carefully if you want to mount an antenna outdoors. There are many design and safety considerations that you will need to keep in mind.

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