Did you know that you can get high quality, digital HD TV without paying for cable or satellite TV service? This site is here to show you how easy it is to make a simple, yet powerful homemade digital TV antenna for less than $10.

HDTV Antenna

Folded Dipole Antenna - I suggest this antenna as a first build because it only takes a few minutes to assemble and works surprisingly well. It is a simple design that can be built using a coat hanger, a scrap piece of wood and a couple of screws.

Gray-Hoverman Antenna - This is a powerful antenna based on a simple design. With just a few basic tools and easy to find parts, you can build it in an evening. I suggest this antenna if the Folded Dipole is not getting all of the channels that you want.

Bow Tie Antenna - This is a very common design to find on the web. It is fairly simple to build and works decently. However, I feel that it is even easier to build a Gray-Hoverman, which is usually stronger performer.

Paperclip Antenna - Including this mostly for fun.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • The purpose of this site is to present a few antenna designs that are simple, inexpensive and easy to build. They are not engineering marvels
  • These antennas were built for use with digital UHF channels. (This is what is broadcast in my area, so this is what I can test with.) They will work with VHF, but not as well as for UHF.
  • This site is not meant to be an exhaustive reference for DIY antenna building. There are MANY types and variations of antenna designs on the web.
  • These designs are not necessarily the best designs that can be built at home. I favored quick and easy antennas over more complex designs.
  • Surely these antennas can be optimized. Sometimes I modify standard designs to make them easier to build, even if this means decreasing the antenna's power. Keep in mind, I am getting channels from 50+ miles with these designs, so they are still pretty good.

NOTE: All of the antenna designs on this site are intended for INDOOR use. I prefer to mount mine in the attic. Please research carefully if you want to mount an antenna outdoors. There are many design and safety considerations that you will need to keep in mind.

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