Bow Tie Antenna

The Bow Tie Antenna is a simple design that can be found in many variations on the web. It can be made with a 2x4, some coat hangers, aluminum foil and a few other common parts. While very inexpensive to build, this design is able to pull in stations from 45 and 50 miles away. (See the broadcast tower information for my area at TV Fool.)

I had originally intended to include some detailed build instructions here. But since building my Folded Dipole Antenna, I have decided that I would not be recommending this design. Not that it is a bad design, but I feel that the Folded Dipole or my Gray-Hoverman are better DIY projects for someone not wanting to make a hobby of antenna building. Check out the pages for those antennas for the pros and cons of each design.

If you really want to build a bow tie antenna, a quick web search will find MANY interesting designs. Here is a diagram and a photo of the Bow Tie that I built. In the third photo, you can see that I added a reflector to mine. This is just a thin piece of scrap plywood wrapped in aluminum foil mounted four inches behind the bow tie elements.

NOTE: All of the antenna designs on this site are intended for INDOOR use. I prefer to mount mine in the attic. Please research carefully if you want to mount an antenna outdoors. There are many design and safety considerations that you will need to keep in mind.

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