About diyTVAntennas.com

In August of 2010, my wife and I decided that we were tired of paying our local cable company $40+ a month for a package that had only a few channels that were of any real value to us. After doing some research on the web and talking to some people, I decided to see what kind of stations we could get if I built my own TV antenna. So after I few hours of experimentation, I had completed my bow tie antenna and place it in my attic. While the antenna was far from professional looking, I discovered that I was able to get stations from 50 miles away! This included 16 digital channels... many of them HD! (See the broadcast tower information for my area at TV Fool.) I made this web site because I want to let people know how easy it is to get digital, HDTV for free. Please tell your friends!

NOTE: All of the antenna designs on this site are intended for INDOOR use. I prefer to mount mine in the attic. Please research carefully if you want to mount an antenna outdoors. There are many design and safety considerations that you will need to keep in mind.

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